Instructions: Anyone Can Play , Must Buy Membership for  24 hours to Play to Win Prize, Must have Membership to win  Cash Prize or More.

1. Click in to any of  the network channels 

2. Find Comiesha Monica on a HiddenVideo 

3. First One to Send email with your  name, network channel's number where you found video of the day, and your paypal link or cashapp information to

4. One winner per day  and must follow these instructions.

5. Winner will be notified with a response email and prize. If you do not receive a return email within 24 hours you did not win. Sorry and Try again! Play again Later

6. Winner Announced on Next Show Date!

*5.99 Membership per day to play

*Membership expires in 24 hours

*unlimited tries for 24 hours

*24 hours Membership begins from the time payment is received

We are a Social Media Distribution System. Our development of our software is a computerized service that consist of  electronically transmitting digital content under an agreement for marketing, advertisement and entertainment purposes. We electronically transmit digital content or people online through digital network channels using electronic transmission for broadcasting and Interactive delivery of video, electronic transmission of audio, video and other data and documents among computers. We are a video broadcasting services over the Internet or other communication networks featuring a selected video clip to reference with commentary in our show and highlight as video of the day.  We hold no liability and we are a free sharing service. We have the right to refuse service.

It is not required to have a certain amount of subscribers or views  to participate.  Promote among your friends and don't forget to Subscribe.  By creating, sending, or submitting a video with or to TELEVIZEME OR NETWORK CHANNELS, you  grant permission for your image and likeness to be seen throughout all social media, television, radio and  any media markets we access. Ask about partnership opportunity. Thanks you for your participation.

The process is reactive. That means that we do not censor or pre-approve broadcasting that is to be aired.  We have neither the mandate nor the resources to do so and such pre-approval would likely be considered offensive to FREEDOM OF SPEECH, to whom it might appear to be a form of censorship. In any event, broadcasters are expected to make their programming choices in conformity with the existing standards. If a complaint is made about an actual broadcast which has offended a viewer or listener,  we will be called upon to verify the intention and motivation of the broadcaster. If you do not have a video of the day we will upload one of our choice.


We do not own any content that is submitted and we love sharing your videos! We play videos you submit. Viewers Discretion is advised. Watch at your own Risk! Content is shared and we do not share the views of the broadcaster.  All content should be submitted with the intention to be shared on all outlets we access. We do not own the rights to any of this content nor do we wish to. Network Channels are virtual, viral, online, rectangular shaped buttons that transmit video content online for marketing, advertisement and entertainment services and/or purposes.  Network Channels requires no ownership. Our distribution and processing center will email receipt. Viewers discretion is advised. Watch at your own risk. 18 and over preferred. no contract, play everyday. Network Channels are virtual, viral, online buttons that transmit digital content such as pages, email, phone numbers, and distribution channels online for marketing, advertisement and entertainment services and/or purposes. This is trademarked and copyright.

*no porn

*no hate speech

*positive vibes only